Flotation Machine

Stable, Efficient, Convenient

Flotation machinery can separate colored and ferrous metal mineral, and those non-metals such as fluorite, talc can also be processed by this machine. Flotation machinery takes advantages of outstanding performance, easy adjusting and good stability.

Applications: The machine can be used to separate nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, nonmetallic mine, stone material and recycle mine.


Flotation machines are mainly used for the separation of gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel, aluminum and other metal minerals.

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1. High separation accuracy, low cleaned coal ash.
2. High inhalation, low power.
3. Running costs less.
4. The manual control, automatic control and electric control device of the slurry surface are available for easy adjustment.

Working Principle

The flotation cell is driven by a motor triangular substituting transmission when impeller rotates,on the one hand, suction sufficient air is mixed with the slurry, on the other hand, stir the slurry mixed with the drug while refinement of the foam, make the mineral adhesive above of the foam. To adjust the height of the gate and to control of the liquid level are the useful ways for foam scraper by being scraped off.

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